Güte – Groß- und Einzelhandel mit Waren aller Art
Güte – Groß- und Einzelhandel mit Waren aller Art

Clean your Hot End with the ultra high-pressure water jet ME 1700

High quality implies cleanness of production plants and their components. Professional and application specific cleaning methods are essential in order to meet these demands and be able to remove the plurality of combinations between materials and contaminants.

This premise is guaranteed by the ultra high-pressure water jet ME 1700. The purification device was designed for stationary and mobile operation for different tasks as required. In glass receptable production this innovative purification method allows for huge time- and cost-savings while cleaning defiled plant components like grippling pliers and glass scissors. Similarly the conveyor belt purification is revolutionized by means of the high-pressure jet device. Whether manually or automatically the conveyor belts are cleaned completely within no time.


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